Breaking The Silence

Bells A-Ringing

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Our Aims

  • Supporting women who experience abuse
  • Modelling respect and positive masculinity
  • Teaching responsibly
  • Challenging abusers
  • Raising awareness
  • Breaking the silence


A lot of people are subject to domestic abuse, of one form or another. A lot. About 1 in 3 women globally and some men as well, from rich, poor, young, old, and even Christians.

According to the Secretary General's 2006 in-depth study, more women are killed or maimed through domestic violence than through war, malaria, cancer AND road traffic collisions COMBINED!

We don’t often talk about it. We don’t like to acknowledge it. We might even make jokes about it. It may be hidden, but it is going on all around us.

We know that God cares about this. He hears the cries of those suffering. And we care because God cares.

We may not have all the answers, but we know that this behaviour is wrong, we care about those who are suffering, and we want it to stop.

Can I Do?

  1. Put ‘Restored Charter’ on agenda at church councils
  2. Buy some white ribbons and encourage people to wear them.
  3. Display posters & make leaflets available
  4. Preach on this on Nov 24th or other date, using resources you find here
  5. Ring bells during White Ribbon fortnight
  6. Tell us what you’re doing!

We need you! Thanks to all those who have got involved with adding the voice of the church to so many others active in this field over the last couple of years - but we still need you to make a stand together with us as we encourage the silence to be broken on this issue, in the media, in our churches and in the lives of victims.

This year, 2019, we continue to offer as broad a range of ways as possible for churches to show solidarity.

This site provides: links to other support groups, for victims or those supporting victims; resources for churches; and a gathering place for those who want to stand with us.